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7 Signs When Your Septic Needs to be Pumped

Many homeowners overlook septic systems. Neglecting to maintain your septic system can cause serious problems. Regularly septic tank pumping Bremerton will help prevent any damage and maintain the health of your lawn and plumbing system.

A septic system that is well maintained with a periodic septic inspection will last for many decades. If it is not properly maintained, you’ll eventually have to deal with a nightmare!

Some signs indicate a problem when a septic tank isn’t properly maintained. Let’s look at some common warning signs when the septic tank isn’t being pumped enough.


Signs When Your Septic Needs to be Pumped


Pungent and odd odor

As your septic tank gets fuller, the amount of odor-causing chemicals in your tank will decrease. These odors may be present in or around your home. Sometimes these gases can be detected in the pipes or toilets of your house. These odor-causing chemicals can also seep into your drain fields, causing a sulfurous sewage smell outside your home. Call emergency services in Shelton, Washington, immediately to fix the problem.


Changes in lawn or yard 

A backed-up septic system can lead to problems in your home and outside. A drain field is a place below your lawn where liquid waste, known as effluent or wastewater, is released to clean out the tank and slow down its filling rate.

The drain field can be seen if standing water is on your lawn. This is because the tank is overfilled, and the waste is floating to its surface. This is when the tank has a higher volume than the drain field can handle and needs septic pumping.

Even if your lawn isn’t showing water, it could indicate a backed-up tank. This happens when water from the drain field has reached the surface but is not yet absorbed by the soil. The water will remain under the soil surface, fertilizing and accelerating the growth.


Backup for Sewage

Raw sewage backing into your home is the most obvious septic system issue there is. It’s something you don’t want to have to deal with. You will likely have to deal with this issue if your septic system is not being pumped regularly and you ignore the warning signs. 

Contact a professional septic service right away if you experience this. Although it is possible to pump your septic tank, the whole system will need to be inspected to resolve the problem.


Frequently Clogged Drains

Sinks, toilets, and showers may show signs of a problem. Your drains can become clogged and slow down, leading to water pooling where it was supposed to be. Your entire drain system, including your septic tanks, can be connected to your home. 

This can lead to homeowners experiencing severe irritation and may hinder their ability to carry out their daily lives. Septic pumping Shelton can easily remove these blockages to ensure your drains are running efficiently again.


Regular Gurgling Noises

Many different reasons can cause gonging drains. If you hear a loud gurgling sound from your toilets or sinks, this could mean that your septic system is overflowing and not able to handle more wastewater. This could also indicate a clog or possible sewage backup in the drains. You should call your local septic pumping expert in Bremerton, WA, to properly diagnose the problem.


Flush doesn’t work properly

You should expect your toilet to behave differently if it becomes too full. If your toilet isn’t working correctly or the flush makes a strange noise, such as gurgling or bubbling when it flushes, you have a problem and need pumping service.

There are other possibilities than a problem with your toilet. If they take longer to drain the water than usual, that’s an indication that there’s either a blockage or your septic tank is back up.


Water is accumulated  above your tank

Your septic tank may be a problem if your yard is full or has water pooling. A buildup of water near your tank could signify that your system is full or has reached a full load.

The problem occurs when your tank’s solid waste starts to build up and cause an overflowing of liquid to seep to the top. If you do not promptly take care of your septic systems, your property can become severely damaged by the soggy patches that could lead to pools.



Regular septic pumping Bremerton and inspections are the best way to avoid dealing with any of these unpleasant signs. A properly maintained septic system will last for up to 30 years. It will also save you a lot of time, money, and heartache.

Danos Septic, a full-service septic maintenance company, is equipped to handle any type of septic emergency. You can prevent disasters from happening by signing up for our service plan. This will ensure that your septic system is in top shape and remains that way for the years to come.


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