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Habits to Extend the Life of Your Septic System



Taking care of the septic system is not a tough process; you do not have to spend much money on this. Not taking care of the septic may cost you big bucks, and digging up or replacing a septic system may cost you more. You can contact experts for better results or septic inspection in Port Orchard. So here is the list of conventions you can consider and follow to extend the septic tank’s life. 


Mechanism of septic system


Septic systems are typically a tank where the wastewater flows for treatment, and the solids are separated from the liquid waste. Microorganisms break down the organic matter in the wastewater in septic Bremerton. The wastewater moves into the leach field or drains, which consist of perforated pipes. The wastewater will either drain into the soil or evaporate.


Get Familiar With Your Septic System

Before you follow the habits to extend the life of the septic system, you must be familiar with the septic tank pumping in Port Orchard that you are using. Understanding the mechanism of the septic system, what type of system, and where it is located are steps towards maintaining the septic system. You may find visual cues like sewer covers or by checking the direction of the sewer pipe located in the basement that leads out of the house. For better clarity, you may need the help of an expert. You can reach out to a professional for any queries regarding the septic inspection in Shelton


Avoid these Harmful Products and Practices

Homeowners use many cleaning products that can harm the good bacteria in the septic system for septic repairs in port orchard. Avoid the use of chemicals like bleach when you are washing your clothes. If there is an absolute requirement to use the bleach, then take a small amount. 

Please avoid using drain cleaners, as it kills good bacteria, and there are high chances of tank damage. If the plunger is not working, you can use a drain snake to clean the clogged bathroom sinks and for the septic tank pumping Shelton

Avoid harmful practices and products such as:

  • Oil, gasoline, and other petroleum products
  • Cooking oils and grease
  • Paint thinner or solvents
  • Products with a high level of phosphorous.
  • Makeup removing wipes, baby wipes, and feminine products. 

If you face any issues, you can contact an expert for septic inspection in Bremerton


Pump the tank regularly.

Clogged drain fields can be the main reason behind the septic malfunction and failure of the septic tank. Irrespective of this fact, the advertisers claim that no biological additives or chemicals can substitute for regular septic tank pumping.


Make sure to monitor water consumption.

The system was designed to handle the amounts of water based on the number of occupants living in the residence when the system was installed. If your water consumption has increased and you require above-average water use, you must make some adjustments. 


Conserve water

Reduce the flow of water into the system. This will produce less agitation within the tank. Keep the solid waste at the bottom of the tank. 


Be aware of the exact location of the septic tank and drain field.

  • Save time and money by knowing where your tank and drain field is. When the technician arrives to tank the pup, they can know where to go. 
  • Keep the drain field free of trees, roots, shrubs, stormwater runoff, and standing water. That may damage or interfere with the operation of the drain field.
  • Keep the copy of the new sewage system permit and the application in a safe place for future reference. 
  • Insist that the tank be pumped through the large central manhole, not the smaller baffle inspection ports. 

Dano’s septic is providing services of septic pumping in Bremerton, so you have the option to reach out to them. 


Never let go longer than five years without pumping the septic tank.

Regardless of the tank size and the number of people in the household, five years is the maximum length of time recommended going between your cleanouts. Septic tanks must be emptied regularly to restore the good bacteria’s balance and remove the heavy solids and sludge that build up over time. You can take the help of a professional for septic repairs in Shelton




Proper drain field maintenance starts by monitoring the water usage closely and what goes into the septic system. Ensure that the gutters and the sump pump the empty water far away from the drain field when considering septic repairs in Bremerton. Detour planting trees or shrubs close to the drain field, as the roots could interfere with the pipes. If you are running out of time because of the busy, bustling days, then you always have the option to reach out to Dano’s Septic. For details, you can reach out or go over a call to book your appointment now. We are always here at your service.

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