How To Manage Septic Tank Hygiene?

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How To Manage Septic Tank Hygiene?



A Septic tank is used to treat and dispose of waste generated in the household safely. Liquid and heavy particles flow through the tank, while most oil and grease particles float to the top. The solids that settle to the bottom degrade anaerobically. However, these accumulated sludge and scum must be removed periodically to maintain the longevity of your septic tank.

Manage Septic Tank Hygiene


In an ideal situation, the Septic tank should function successfully. However, due to poor septic tank maintenance, components are affected, leading to the system’s failure. It can cause problems like sludge accumulation, wastewater back issues, and bad odor. Here are a few tips and tricks which you can follow to manage the septic tank hygiene;

Recognize the signs

It is very easy to spot the signs of failure in some septic tanks. However, you will notice bad odors, wastewater backing up in the house, slow draining drains and toilets, and green grass in the field as the main sign of the trouble.

Use water efficiently

It is necessary to know that all the household waste ends up in the septic tank system. Excess amounts of water can affect the performance of beneficial microorganisms and can disturb the natural balance. It can stress the system, and it is highly likely to flood out. So it is important to use water efficiently.

Waste disposal

Do not use your toilet as trash cans. There is a long list of things people flush down the toilet, including cooking oil, gasoline, medicines, paper towels, coffee grounds, female hygiene products, photographic solutions, non-flushable wipes/baby wipes/ wet wipes, medicines, paper towels, and coffee grounds.
These materials can kill the microorganisms that are present in the septic tank as well as in the soil, which may contaminate the groundwater.

Prevent chemical poisoning

Various cleaning products like toilet bowl cleaners, floor cleaners which are often used in households, and other materials like coatings, paintings, and strippers, can eliminate the beneficial microorganisms in the septic tank and can badly impact the system’s ability to treat waste. So you should avoid poisoning the septic system with chemicals. Browse your available septic system in Shelton to get started with the services.

Frequent inspections and maintenance

By conducting frequent inspections, you can check whether your septic tank is functioning properly or not. Also, it can help you find any problem before it is too late.
Instead of spending your money on mechanical maintenance, which is expensive, you can easily use biological solutions like septic tank cleaners to maintain the septic systems. You can get a septic inspection in Shelton and surrounding areas.

You can consider any of these tips to clean your septic tanks and prevent them from overflowing and damaging.



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