Preventive Action to be Taken in Winter for An Efficient Septic Tank

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Preventive Action to be Taken in Winter for An Efficient Septic Tank

While you are cozied up inside your residence, staying warm during cold winter months, your septic pumping system may struggle against the brunt of freezing temperatures.

While most septic systems in Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Shelton are designed to be strong and durable, without preventative measures and proper maintenance, they can fall prey to frosty weather. In this blog post, we’ll explore different steps to protect your septic system during cold winter and what to do if you face issues related to chilled temperatures and freezing.

Common Septic Problems During Winter

Some common septic problems during the cold weather include:

1. Freezing: 

Leading septic inspection and repair experts in Bremerton reveal that when the temperature drops, the water can freeze, causing the septic tank to rupture or crack. 

2. Reduced bacterial activity: 

Top septic repair specialists in Shelton also state that cold temperatures can slow down the healthy bacteria that break down the sewage in the septic tank. 

3. Overuse of the septic tank: 

During the winter months, most people remain indoors, which can lead to an increase in water usage, causing strain on the septic system. 

4. Clogging or blockages: 

Cold temperatures can cause the FOGs(fats, oils, and grease) in the septic tank to solidify, leading to clogging. 

5. Snow and Ice: 

Heavy snowfall can put a lot of pressure on the septic tank and its pipes, causing them to crack or rupture.

Some DIY Tricks to Avoid

If you’re tempted to remediate the Bremerton septic problem yourself, be sure to avoid these mistakes:

  • Avoid adding antifreeze additives or salt to your septic system, as it can negatively impact the natural bacteria in your septic tank.
  • Don’t try to thaw the system out using fire.
  • Don’t run water continually and unnecessarily to thaw the system. 
  • Avoid pouring hot water down the pipes. If there is a complete blockage or clog, this could cause your pipes to crack or burst.

Which Preventive Measure To Follow Instead?

1. Septic Tank Inspection

Hire a local septic system company in Bremerton to inspect your tank before winter finally sets in. A reputed septic pumping professional will examine your tank annually to ensure all the components are working, there are no blocks or leakages, and the entire system is working efficiently.

2. Winterize All the Pipes

If you plan to go away during the holiday season, drain all the septic pipes beforehand to prevent freezing, bursting, or cracking. 

You can also disconnect all the hoses to appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher. Most importantly, empty the septic tank’s pressure and add a septic-safe antifreeze after draining all the lines according to the manufacturer’s guide.

3. Inspect the Lid

Next, you can inspect the lid of your septic tank for any holes, chips, or cracks. A secure lid prevents dust, debris, children, and pets from entering the tank. A tightly secured lid traps the internal heat due to the anaerobic bacteria inside the tank that break down the solid sludge and treat raw wastewater. This heat inside the septic tank keeps the bacteria’s metabolic rate high.

If you notice any problems with your septic pumping tank lid in Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Shelton, have a reputed professional like Dano’s Septic Inc. replace the lid right away before the cold weather kicks in.

4. Pump Out the Tank

Consider pumping the septic tank if you close your property during winter or use it only a few times. Ensure you pump the tank to eliminate all the sewage and wastewater that might freeze during the cold weather.

Ideally, you should pump the tank every three to five years as freezing temperatures make the ground hard to break, which makes the Shelton septic pumping tank hard to access.

5. Insulate the Drainage Field

Homeowners should do everything possible to protect their septic pumping tanks in Bremerton, Shelton, and Port Orchard during the cold months because the frozen ground can cause extreme damage to the septic units. Fortunately, it’s much easier to protect your drainage field. You can simply do this by allowing grass to grow around your septic system so it can effectively retain snow.

The grass acts as an insulating layer over the soil treatment area during winter. If you don’t have a lawn, spread the leaves or straw over the drain field. Alternatively, you can also purchase insulated blankets. These essential steps can help protect your septic tank and field by retaining heat and preventing the whole system from freezing damage.

6. Keep Vehicles Away From the Drainage Field

Avoid parking any vehicles or automobiles on or near the drainage field over your septic system in Port Orchard, Shelton, and Bremerton. The heavy weight of trucks, cars, and SUVs can compact the soil and transfer cold to the septic system in winter, increasing the chances of winter-related troubles.

7. Use the Septic Tank Regularly

Even the lack of proper usage can bring problems during the winter weather. Regular household use of the septic system is enough to keep things moving properly. If you won’t be home during the holidays, arrange with a trusted septic service like Dano’s Septic Inc. to oversee the maintenance of your septic tank in your absence, ensuring it remains in prime condition.

8. Check the Furnace

If you leave a high-efficiency furnace on during the winter, ensure no water drains into your septic pumping unit. You can reroute the dripping water into a floor drain, bucket, or some other drain not connected to the septic tank in Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Shelton. Excess water flowing into the septic system can cause the system to freeze up.

Final Thoughts

Expert septic professionals, like the ones from Dano’s Septic Inc., can best evaluate the symptoms of your septic system to address the root cause of any issues. Our trained team of technicians is available 24/7 to assist in resolving problems with your septic system in Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Shelton and to perform inspections, installations, repairs, and maintenance to prevent these issues from emerging at all.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve proudly served and satisfied customers with commercial, industrial, and residential septic problems in Mason, Pierce, Jefferson, Thurston & Kitsap Counties. We’re bonded, licensed, and insured, and we prioritize the highest standards of professionalism and customer fulfillment. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart in the industry.

For expert septic maintenance services, feel free to reach out to us at  360-757-0550.

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