Septic Systems and the Professional Services You Need for Peace of Mind

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Septic Systems and the Professional Services You Need for Peace of Mind

Septic systems in Shelton, Port Orchard, and Bremerton are crucial waste management structures in residential and commercial properties. One in five American households has a septic tank system, and like many other appliances, it also faces various problems like clogs, blockages, malfunctions, and failures. 


A damaged septic tank can affect your property and decline its overall value, so proper septic tank maintenance from a credible professional company is paramount. Continue reading as this blog explores this and much more.


What are the benefits of a septic system?

Some quick benefits of a well-maintained septic system in Bremerton are,

  1. It’s environmentally friendly as they remove bacteria from wastewater before releasing it into the soil, and they don’t contaminate nearby water sources.
  2. It’s durable. An average Port Orchard septic system lasts 10-30 years.
  3. It’s cost-efficient and flexible.
  4. It doesn’t produce foul odors.
  5. A reliable Shelton septic system provides effective pre-treatment before the water purification phase. 
  6. It prevents pests such as flies, rodents, and mosquitoes.


What can be a proactive approach to septic system management? 


Regular maintenance:

This is the first and the most obvious proactive approach to septic system management. Top septic experts in Port Orchard reveal that proactive maintenance is the best way to avoid a septic emergency. 


By proactively scheduling your Shelton septic tank cleaning, inspection, and pumping every three years, you can avoid backups, pooling water, drain field issues, slow drains, and other symptoms when your septic system in Port Orchard needs a pump-out. It’s a very small expense to bear compared to replacing or repairing your system.


Avoid using harsh chemicals:

Avoid using abrasive chemicals like laundry detergents, sink cleaning products, soaps, and shampoos. They can be extremely harmful to the carefully balanced bacteria environment that is present inside your Bremerton septic tank


Maintain your drainfield:

The drainfield removes contaminants from the liquid from your septic system in Bremerton, so ensuring its maintenance is paramount. 


Here are some general guidelines you should follow to maintain it,

  1. Don’t park or drive on your drainfield
  2. Keep sump pumps, roof drains, and other rainwater drainage systems away from the Drain field area. 
  3. Plant trees at an appropriate distance to keep roots from growing into your septic system.


Practice water conservation:

The more water a household conserves, the less water enters the Shelton septic system. Efficient water use improves the operation of a septic tank and reduces the risk of failures and malfunctions.


Mind what goes down the drain:

This seemingly simple suggestion for proactive septic system management in Bremerton is often overlooked. Most homeowners know that keeping food items out of your septic tank in Shelton is critical to ensuring your septic system works properly, yet they commit the same mistake.


Avoid putting the following things down your drain:

  1. Fats and solids
  2. Food items
  3. Cooking oils
  4. Coffee grounds
  5. Bacon grease
  6. Only non-oil and non-acid liquid food items, human waste, and wastewater should go down your drains. The rest should be composted or thrown away in your trash can.


Be mindful of what you flush:

Remember that not every item labeled “flushable” or “compostable” is good for your septic system in Port Orchard


A general list of things you should avoid flushing down the toilet include,

  1. Cooking grease or oil
  2. Photographic solutions
  3. Medicines
  4. Cigarettes
  5. Diapers
  6. Non-flushable wipes
  7. Dental floss
  8. Feminine hygiene products
  9. Cat Litter
  10. Diapers
  11. Coffee grounds
  12. Paper towels
  13. Household chemicals like oil, gasoline, pesticides, antifreeze, and paint or paint thinners


Always be on the lookout for warning signs:

Stay alert for potential signs of trouble, including

  1. Slow drains
  2. Gurgling sounds
  3. Unpleasant odors, or 
  4. Standing water near the drainfield can indicate problems.


As soon as you notice any of the above signs in your Port Orchard septic system, address these issues promptly, as they can prevent more extensive and costly repairs.


Why Should Your Septic Tank Be Installed By A Professional?


  • Septic systems are complex:

The main reason you shouldn’t go the DIY route and rely on a professional company like Dano’s Septic for Bremerton septic system installation is due to the level of complexity involved.


Septic systems in Port Orchard aren’t easy to install, and a proper insertion involves much more than just the septic tank.


  • You get professional advice:

Besides septic inspection, cleaning, pumping, and repairs in Port Orchard, a professional contractor from a reliable company like Dano’s Septic advises you on the best ways to maintain your septic tank and avoid any expensive mistakes.


  • Cost-efficient in the long run:

At Dano’s Septic, we’ve noticed first-hand what happens when a homeowner tries to attempt a DIY septic tank installation, repair, cleaning, or pumping in Bremerton in hopes of saving money. 

The initial work may cost the homeowner less, but the malfunctions, damages, and resulting repairs over time cost much more in the long run.


  • Professionals are experienced, licensed, and certified:

Professional septic installers in Shelton need to obtain and maintain the necessary licenses and certifications, ensuring they are well-versed in industry standards and best practices. They also arrive equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to handle all the tasks efficiently.


  • Proper Waste Disposal:

Shelton septic systems are dangerous and smell awful. The services of a professional company like Dano’s Septic come with an effective waste disposal strategy and handle your waste efficiently.


  • Saves time:

Septic tank inspection, cleaning, repairs, and pumping in Port Orchard are expensive and time-consuming. Professional installations from Dano’s Septic save you on the cost of hiring labor or buying equipment as they come with their own. 


  • Professional installations are safer:

Lastly, safety is the most important reason for professional septic system installation in Shelton. Improperly installed Bremerton septic systems can leak raw sewage into the nearby area, including local water bodies, resulting in a health hazard and putting your family and the entire community at risk.


Final Takeaway

Hiring a professional for septic system inspection, cleaning, repair, and pumping in Port Orchard will save you time and money and give you peace of mind. At Dano’s Septic, we have over 30 years of experience and proudly serve both residential and commercial clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can schedule a service at your convenience, including emergency service, holidays, and weekends. 


Our expert technicians specialize in septic systems and offer services such as grease traps, septic tank pumping, inspections and repairs, septic locating, drain field rejuvenation, and all your septic-related troubles. They’re fully trained, licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Schedule an appointment with us today.

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