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Signs of Septic Tank Leaking and How to Fix them


Every day, your septic system puts in a lot of effort to dispose of household waste safely. Wear and tear are unavoidable even though septic systems are designed to last decades. Leaking is one of the issues that your septic system will experience. Your tank may start to leak for several reasons. Drinking water might become contaminated due to a leaking septic system, and your home may also sustain damage.


Call professionals like Dano’s Septic for a septic inspection in Shelton to evaluate your septic system and make repairs if you detect any indications that it may be leaking.


Signs for Leaking or Damage of a Septic Tank

  • Bad Odour

A damaged or misaligned septic tank lid, a tank riser, or a filter access port can emit sewer gas or water odors. Gaseous odors may escape from a tank with a hole, crack, or other damage.

Where are the smells coming from, adjacent to the tank, in the leach field, or, if nearby, from your neighbor’s tank? They might be perceptible for several hours or days, not just for a few minutes. Do not forget that the odor may not come from a damaged tank but the leach or drain area. You can call Dano’s Septic for a septic inspection in Bremerton if you notice any bad odor in or around your septic tank.

  • Vibrant Vegetation

Lush vegetation may not always be a positive sign. It might be a tank leak alert from the system overflowing or a fractured or loose pipe close to the tank. A moist, soggy patch may form in the tank or leach field area if a filter is clogged or if the leach field is congested. For septic repairs Shelton area, you can get in touch with the professional team of Dano’s Septic.

  • Unusually Wet Yard

There could be a leak if the yard is excessively wet, particularly close to the septic tank. You might also have damp areas in the yard if the sprinkler system’s timing is incorrect and runs for extraordinarily long periods. You can get the septic repairs port orchard area from Danos Septic to keep your septic tanks in perfect working condition.

  • Unmoving water

Surface water from rain and irrigation systems can collect or stand when the land settles and descends. When exposed to moist circumstances over time, soil tends to compress. If a tank leaks, the water resulting from the breach may cause the soil close to the tank to settle and slip down. You can contact Danos Septic for septic tank pumping port orchard services.

  • Backing up or slow-draining sinks or toilets

It may occasionally serve as a signal that the septic tank is damaged. The place where the effluent water escapes the tank may become obstructed by tree roots, causing harm. The leach field may have failed due to a collapsed or blocked baffle, which may have caused a backup in the tank or sewage lines.


5 Reasons why Your Septic tank is Leaking

  • Leaking Pipes

Your septic system comprises numerous plumbing pipes that link different parts to ensure the entire system functions properly. These pipes are susceptible to damage from everyday wear and tear, corrosion, encroaching tree roots, shifting foundations, and other factors. Wastewater from the septic system may spill if these pipes get damaged. Danos Septic is the best option for any services related to septic port orchards.

  • Insufficient Maintenance

If a septic system is not maintained, it may begin to leak. Depending on how small or big your tank is and how it is used, a septic tank needs to be cleaned under two to three years. Additionally, it must be pumped every three to five years to eliminate extra affluence and residue. Sludge will build up in the tank if your septic system isn’t properly maintained, which will eventually cause leaks. Call for assistance if you need cleaning or septic tank pumping, Shelton.

  • Use of Cleaning Products in Excess

Natural microorganisms found in septic tanks aid in the decomposition of sludge. Overusing cleaning agents destroys the beneficial bacteria and damages your septic system.

  • Broken Baffle

The purpose of the baffles in a septic tank is to control the flow of wastewater through the tank and keep solids there. The septic tank’s effluent can escape if one baffle is destroyed. A damaged baffle can make it simple for tree roots to enter your septic tank.

You may identify a failing baffle and take the required precautions to stop leaks with routine maintenance of septic Bremerton.

  • Cracking

Your septic tank could be prone to corrosion and breaking depending on the material it is made of. Effluent may flow out of a septic tank that is fractured.


Solution for A Leaking Septic Tank

  • Don’t drain the water pump

One thing you must never do is pump water from your tank into your yard. It is a serious health risk because it could be walked through by kids and animals and end up in a stream. Waterborne illness, which may be fatal and spread quickly from person to person, could result from this.

  • Examine any Damage

Look for any signs of damage near the septic tank and drain field. Things like soil settlement or holes in the ground are typical symptoms. Engage a qualified professional to come and inspect your system if you notice any signs of damage.

  • Calculate the Groundwater Depth

Around the tank and the drain field, measure the depth of the subsurface water. However, have a qualified electrician inspect the parts to determine whether they are secure to handle. 

  • Hire a Licensed Professional if You Keep Experiencing Issues

The septic tank or drain field is damaged if you’re still experiencing plumbing problems after the water table has dropped to normal levels. Setting and shifting can happen when the groundwater level is high, impacting the drain field’s distribution system and the septic tank. As a result, the inlets and outputs of the septic tank may also get blocked. Contact certified septic pumping Bremerton professional to get your septic tank fixed.



When you notice unpleasant odors around your home, excessive vegetation growth in some areas of your lawn, a damp yard, water backflow, standing water near the septic tank, and other signs, your septic system is likely leaking.

Call Danos Septic for a septic inspection port orchard to evaluate your septic system and make repairs.

Danos Septic offers a broad selection of septic system services, such as septic tank pumping, cleaning, and repair. Allow our staff to look over all your septic repairs in Bremerton to inspect and maintain your septic system if it leaks.

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