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What Are Septic Tank Additives, and Do You Really Need Them?

Are septic tank additives as effective as they claim to be? There is little evidence to support the idea that extra additives are capable of improving the efficiency of a septic system, but many homeowners use this approach instead of septic pumping in Port Orchard, Shelton, Bremerton, and nearby areas to make sure their system is as efficient as possible.


What Are Septic Additives?


The function of a septic tank additive is to “aid” the system of breaking down waste with natural bacteria. The issue is that some additives are too strong and kill the good bacteria that your septic in Port Orchard produces. Other additives simply “boost” the number of good bacteria in your tank. Septic tank additives are available in two varieties.

The first is biological additives, which claim to utilize enzymes and bacteria to reduce the solids on the floor of tanks. The other type is chemical additives. They are mostly made of sulfuric acid and include different active ingredients that break down the oil and grease floating in the septic tank. If you buy one of these products, simply flush it down the toilet once you get home.


Does your septic system need additives?


Studies show that most septic tank additives don’t improve your system’s performance substantially (if at all). Adding additives to your septic tank can even harm its functionality. What does that mean? You should be aware that septic tanks naturally treat wastewater with good bacteria. Most additives act as “bacterial cleansers,” which destroy the good bacteria that naturally break down solids in the tank. 

Although not all additives are useless, you can use certain septic tank additives to boost your wastewater’s natural bacterial treatment. This is because the additive complements a tank’s natural function. The additive can benefit an overburdened system and eliminate unwanted septic repairs in Shelton if used properly.

Adding septic additives to your system can slightly improve or decrease its performance. The importance of doing your research cannot be overstated. A professional can help you determine whether additives are right for you before you invest in them.

How to Care for Septic System Bacteria?


It shows that commercial additives can kill a septic system’s bacteria during a septic inspection in Bremerton. To keep the system healthy and working, follow these steps:

  • Ensure cleaning solutions are properly diluted before using, as cleaning solutions in the drain can kill bacteria.
  • Avoid putting toxins in the sink, such as leftover paint, stain, and oil. Learn how to properly dispose of waste and avoid septic repairs in Port Orchard by visiting your county or city’s waste management site.
  • Water use should be spaced out. You can avoid overloading the system by washing clothes on multiple days of the week.


How to Maintain Your Septic System


Septic systems aren’t designed to be clean and refreshingly smelling. No septic tank additive can perform better than the natural purpose and the utilization for healthy bacteria. 

The best thing to do is to let the bacteria perform their work and conduct regular septic tank pumping in Port Orchard. Certain additives may harm the system and result in problems with the septic system and may require replacement.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends some best practices for septic in Bremerton, along with regular inspections and pumping, to ensure the safety of your septic system.

  • Conserve water by using top-quality showerheads as well as toilets. Depending on the size of the load, you can select the small or large setting.
  • Dispose of waste properly: All the waste you flush down the drain will end up in the septic tank. Products for feminine hygiene, such as tampons and wipes, must be thrown into the garbage. Chemicals such as paints and cleaners must be recycled properly as they could kill bacteria in the septic system.
  • Maintain your drainfield: Be aware of where your drainfield is, and do not park vehicles on it. The landscaping surrounding a sewer system should be at a safe distance to avoid system disruption. Keep rainwater out of the drainfield, and make sure not to remove items, such as pools, over the drainfield. Adding water to this area could cause the system to slow down.


Get Help with any Septic Tank.


Danos Septic is a customer-oriented company that provides top-notch septic tank cleaning, pumping, and septic repairs in Bremerton to residential and commercial clients. 


With our extensive range of equipment and experienced professional crews, we provide a full spectrum of services and meet our customers’ demands. We use BioOne Drain & Septic Treatment, one of the best septic tank additives on the market, to boost your system’s natural bacterial treatment. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an inspection for your Port Orchard septic system.


Final Thoughts

There may be a lot of debate regarding the effectiveness of septic tank additives. To make an informed decision, you should consult your area’s scientific community, environmental regulations, and local septic services. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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