What are ways to fix septic tank problems?

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What are ways to fix septic tank problems?

As a result of its role in collecting and breaking down wastewater from your home, your septic tanks are important in the efficient running of your household, but they are often overlooked. It could be an absolute discomfort when things go wrong in your septic tank, as they often do. Fortunately, most issues with septic tank pumping in Bremerton can be easily diagnosed and fixed without much hassle.

Find out all the solutions & quick fixes to your septic tank problems with this useful guide.

Common recurring problems with septic systems


1. The accumulation of solids within the septic tank

The solid particles are absorbed within a septic tank and set to the bottom, while the water and effluent particles rise to the top. In the end, if the tank is not cleaned, the particles will build-up to the point when the inlet pipe to your port orchard house is blocked. In this case, you’ll notice that your plumbed appliances will drain slowly. To resolve this issue, you must get a professional for septic pumping to clear out the blockage and get it up & running.

2. Ground Movement

It is normal for the ground to move in a small amount over time; however, it could cause issues to the tank below. The septic systems cannot operate properly because of the cracks that result from this. You may experience another overflowing drain field which is, in fact, inevitable.

Even when you’ve been using water with a lot of diligence, nothing can be done on your side to prevent this issue other than having it checked regularly. It can be hard to spot at first; however, once you notice, then you must fix it.

3. Tree roots

One of the most common problems with septic tanks is the problem of tree roots gaining access through the cracks inside the tank. While it may sound like a harmless issue, it could cause a lot of harm to a tank and lead to septic repair. It may even prevent it from functioning completely because they block the pipes that supply the inlet and enter tanks in the primary. 

Simply cutting them away will not be enough to get rid of tree roots since they always return. The most important thing is, that it must be done with a green approach. It is necessary to engage the septic services in Bremerton with a skilled contractor who can use proper tools/equipment for root elimination and complete the task safely.


4. Clogged septic system 

Since the septic tank contains all the waste it collects, it is commonplace for septic clogs to occur. If you’ve noticed that water has flooded your bathroom or you flush your toilet, it’s being pushed back instead of flowing through the drain, which suggests that you have clogged drains and might require a septic inspection in your Bremerton home.

This happens after you flush objects that are hard to remove from the toilet because they won’t be able to pass through the pipe without getting stuck. You’ll notice that the water drains more slowly than normal, or a bad odor emanates from the toilet. In this case, call in a professional for pumping repairs.

5. Strong Malodors

Strong and unpleasant odors emanating from your drains or around your septic tank may indicate diverse issues. Some are due to solid waste build-up chemicals destroying the bacteria that break down the waste or a problem with the soakaway space connected to the septic tank. In order to determine the root of the unpleasant smell, it is recommended to call an experienced septic tank services, which will perform the required examinations.


Ways to Fix Septic Tank problems

After you’ve looked at the most commonly encountered problems with septic tanks, it is important that you must be aware of how to solve these issues. We will examine some methods to solve them.


1. Septic Line Repair

If you think that you could fix your septic tank yourself, then be prepared to pour your sweat, blood, and tears into it. In order to carry out your repairs to the septic line, turn off the water to your Bremerton wa home and locate the location in which it has been damaged. Find and cut out the damaged part. Now put the new pipe in place and then place it again. Set it aside for a while before checking whether it’s functioning properly.

2. Septic Tank Cleanout


Septic tank pumping is required for cleaning your septic tank, and it must be done with care. If there are cracks or leaks, this is essential to fix them. It is also possible to use baking soda, lemon, and vinegar to cleanse your septic tank. This can be used as a basic home solution that is simpler and more efficient.


3. Regular Maintenance

The Septic tank is the area where all waste is disposed of. Therefore, if you do not keep it clean regularly, it could result in the issues mentioned above and cause you to pay a large amount for its maintenance. The problems can develop slowly in a series, and you should make sure you have them examined every two to four years to prevent them from morphing into a major mess.



If you’re interested in getting your septic pumping in Port Orchard checked or need repairs, why not talk to us regarding repairs in your septic tank? Reach out to the experts at Dano’s Septic to address the issue, and we’ll assist you in deciding on and implementing the best solution.


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