Common Types of Septic Repairs: Causes and Solutions

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Common Types of Septic Repairs: Causes and Solutions

A fully functional septic system in Bremerton is a blessing to homeowners. However, even these systems need maintenance to stay trouble-free and efficient. It’s not unusual for things to go wrong. Fortunately, almost all septic systems in Shelton failures can be prevented and resolved through regular maintenance.

Hire reputed companies offering septic repairs in Port Orchard and other regions of WA to help you be in control and tension-free. However, you should know the issues arising with septic systems and ways to fix them. 


What can be the Most Common Types of Septic Systems?

Gravity Septic System 

The gravity septic system is the conventional model with a simple design. It is affordable and suitable for single families or small businesses. However, this septic system in Bremerton needs a minimum of three feet of soil and a good slope to be effective. 

Pressure Distribution Septic System

The pressure distribution system is installed in shallow soils and provides the best wastewater treatment. Nevertheless, it is expensive and needs high maintenance. It also needs electricity to function.  

Mound Septic System 

The mound system is suitable in shallow soils or bedrock with high groundwater. Its function is similar to the conventional model. However, extra space and high maintenance are a must for these septic systems in Shelton

Aerobic Treatment Unit

ATUs work like municipal sewerage units but on a smaller scale. Oxygen is injected to the treatment tank to purify wastewater. It has high installation costs and needs frequent services for septic inspection in Port Orchard

Sand Filter System

The sand filter system is suitable when there is insufficient soil and can be constructed above or below the ground. However, blocked pipes and water overloading are recurring problems with this system. 


What can be the Most Common Cause of Septic System Failure?

When it comes to septic repairs in Bremerton, it is crucial to understand the causes of septic system failures. Identifying the cause correctly will enable you to solve the problem faster and prevent it from recurring. 

Slower Drains

The most common sign of septic system trouble is when you notice water draining slowly through the sink or shower pipes. It can be an issue with the specific drainpipe, the main drainpipe, or the septic tank. 

Blockages and clogs prevent wastewater from flowing freely and slow down its movement. If ignored, it could lead to pipe damage or septic tank failure. For minor clogs, pour hot water into the drainpipe or a cup of baking soda, followed by an equal quantity of vinegar. If the problem persists, call for a septic inspection in Bremerton.  

Sewage Backup 

A sewage backup is when the septic tank is full or clogged due to a major blockage. This could lead to an overflowing tank or a drain pipe bursting due to excess pressure. Contact a reliable company like Danos Septic Services to pump out the septic tank and fix the issue in the drain system. 

Tree roots are also a reason for sewage backup and shouldn’t be removed without professional help. Don’t try to remove the contents on your own if the sewage tank overflows.  

Standing Water 

Water doesn’t pool near the septic system unless there’s a blockage or an overflowing tank (if you haven’t gotten it pumped out). Look for signs like wet/soft ground or fast-growing grass around the septic system. Get the tank pumped out right away to prevent system failure. 

Strong Odors 

A properly working septic tank will not emit any odors despite the waste it processes. Septic tanks that smell like rotten eggs need an immediate septic inspection by experts in Shelton. It indicates sewage backup if the smell appears indoors and leakage if outside. 

Short-term fixes like deodorizers or chemicals will not solve the problem. Call the service provider to identify the problem and solve it. Once fixed, the odor will vanish. 


Maintain Your Septic System with Professionals

The septic systems in Port Orchard are designed to work for at least a couple of decades and more. However, this is possible only with regular maintenance. 

Routine Inspection 

Create a schedule to get the septic system inspected, cleaned, pumped out, etc, to ensure everything is in proper working condition. Do this at least once every two to three years. 

Repair and Replacement 

System failure can still happen and might need septic repairs in Shelton. Professionals will examine the problem and determine if the components should be repaired or replaced. Internal replacement can be expensive and time-consuming. 


Final Thoughts

Despite the different causes of septic in Port Orchard system failures, you can ensure your home and surroundings are hygienic with prior planning. 

Danos Septic is a locally-trusted company offering septic repairs in Port Orchard and across Washington. Call us at 253-435-9999 to hire our professionals for plumbing and septic installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance services

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