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Dano’s Septic is family-owned and operated with 30 years of experience and proudly provides residential and commercial septic services to Washington residents. Call today and a Dano’s team member will answer your call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, giving you a competitive price and the septic solution that is right for you!
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Septic Repair, Inspection & Pumping in Bremerton

Septic Repairs Services in Bremerton 

Sometimes repairs are necessary during the service life of septic systems. Danos Septic can help you solve any septic system problems. Our years of experience and knowledge in handling many different types of septic repairs in Bremerton have ensured that we are able to assist you.

We offer high-quality service in the areas, including septic tank maintenance, 24/7 septic emergencies, and septic inspections. You can trust our experience and knowledge to solve your septic problems.

When do you need a Septic Repair Service? 

We have a solid reputation for cleaning sewer in Bremerton when a customer calls. We keep our customers satisfied about septic in Bremerton and have received positive testimonials.

Give us a call if you experience any of these red flags with your septic system. We are ready to handle the issue and offer personalized services. 

  • Sewage backups
  • Clogged drains
  • Extreme odors
  • Abnormal sounds from the tank  
  • Flooded Leech Field
  • Slow Drainage

How to contact professional septic repair service providers in Bremerton? 

Do you need residential, commercial, and emergency septic services in Bremerton? 

Danos Septic is here to help! We can assist you with everything from inspection to maintenance and installation. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Septic pumping 

Pumping your septic system is just as essential as changing your car’s oil. Over time, solids and other waste products can accumulate in septic tanks and must be removed regularly to avoid costly problems in the long run. 

Although septic in Bremerton uses bacteria to clean and sanitize water for safe disposal underground, solids and other waste products accumulate gradually. With Danos Septic, you’ll prevent expensive repairs due to buildup in your tanks. Septic pumping in Bremerton has been our expertise for decades, and we can pump any size septic tank.

Septic Maintenance 

Properly maintaining and repairing your septic system is essential to its sound performance, and delays can lead to serious problems. If you are experiencing problems with your septic tank, drainfield, or alternative waste treatment technology, Danos Septic can help. 

When we complete and do the work, we do it right while respecting our client’s property and needs. If you own a septic system for the sewage, sometimes repairs, septic tank pumping in Bremerton, and replacement is required.

Septic Inspection 

Septic inspections are an important element of owning a property that has a septic system. Although thorough and precise inspections aren’t as often as the pumping of septic tanks or drainage cleaning services, it is recommended to be sure to have a brief inspection performed regularly. Septic inspections provide an extensive picture of the condition of your septic system. They identify the indicators which could signal problems and enable you to take action before it spirals out of hand and even causes damage to your septic system.

At Danos Septic, each pumping service is accompanied by a quick septic inspection in Bremerton to check the parts and visible areas of the system.

 Why Choose Us? 

A faulty septic system can cause drains to back up and strange odors from your sink. Danos Septic will diagnose the problem and give you a price estimate. We can resolve any issue, whether a leak or a blockage in the septic tank pumping Bremerton.

Danos Septic team members are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to handle all aspects of sewer cleaning and repair. We strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Respecting you and your property is our priority.

  • We aim to work efficiently and meticulously
  • Use high-quality material 
  • Have a customer-centric approach
  • Available at reasonable rates


It may be necessary to clean a flooded septic tank if it becomes loaded with mud and silt due to flooding. It is necessary for the septic repairs port orchard to excavate the septic drain field piping, distribution boxes, and similar components so that they can also be inspected.

Pumping the tank allows the owner or septic service company to look for these problems by observing the empty tank for signs of effluent or groundwater back-flowing into the tank if the septic tank appears to be filling from surface runoff or groundwater leaking into the tank.

If the septic tank is flooded and the occupants make an effort to minimize unnecessary water consumption (showers, laundry, bathing), the tank may be emptied and permitted temporary use. Depending on the tank size, the number of building occupants, the frequency of toilet flushes, etc., the occupants may be able to utilize the septic system and the building and site in a sanitary manner for a few days up to a week without further contaminating the neighborhood.

Inadequate maintenance and improper care are common causes of septic system failures. The most common failure mode is not pumping out solids regularly from a septic tank. An annual septic tank pumping or septic repairs in Bremerton is recommended, depending on occupancy and use. In addition to flushing chemicals down the interior plumbing fixtures, another common failure mode is from pouring them down the drain. Using large quantities of harsh chemicals kills bacteria in the leach field, thereby ensuring that the wastewater cannot be treated and cleaned.

One of the most common problems with concrete septic tanks is that they crack, leading to leaks and soil contamination problems due to the cracks. If you notice that you have a small leak, it is usually possible for septic repairs to Bremerton it and seal it, which will allow you to prolong the life of your tank. It is recommended that septic services pump the tank and inspect the damage to the tank to determine if the problem is minor and can be resolved without a lot of hassle. If the cracking is severe, another solution may have to be found, or the tank may have to be replaced to solve the problem.

The septic tanks used in household sewage systems are generally cleaned every three to five years. Alternate systems that use electrical pumps, float switches, or mechanical components must be examined more frequently, typically every year. A septic inspection in Bremerton is crucial as alternative systems may have mechanized components.

This isn’t like typical household chores you can tackle by yourself. Pumping your septic needs the experience of professionals who can provide septic inspection in Bremerton. Bremerton Septic service providers are dedicated to maintaining septic tanks well-maintained and functioning.

The maintenance and septic tank pumping in Bremerton will require regular pump-outs and adequate bacteria levels to digest organic solids. Failure to maintain your system properly can cause system disruption and, ultimately, system failure.

A septic tank pump typically refers to a submersible pump located inside the final chambers of the septic tank or in a sump for the pump following that of the tank. Septic tank pumps are electrical water pumps that can be submerged in water. A float switch turns the pump off and on as the chamber fills up with water. The impeller inside the pump rotates whenever the pump turns running, pushing the water upwards up the pipework that the pump is connected to during septic tank pumping in Bremerton.

Septic pumping in Bremerton is necessary to bring the effluent of a sewage or septic tank treatment plant to a greater level. It is necessary if you have either an elevated percolation zone or a soakaway. It may also be required when the final disposal site is situated on the upslope of the septic tank outlet , so that the effluent cannot flow through it by gravity.