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Septic Maintenance & Pumping

A well-maintained septic system can provide years of low-cost reliable service to your home.  Taking care of your septic system is taking care of yourself, your wallet, your investment, and the environment. Without proper maintenance and inspections, septic systems can fail.

It is now required by the State of Washington that all on-site septic systems be inspected on a periodic basis we provide O&M inspections as well. Our highly experienced, licensed inspectors will inspect your septic system and provide you with a complete report outlining the health of your system and drainfield, including suggested maintenance.

Receiving a certified professional inspection from Dano’s Septic can help keep your septic system out of sight, out of mind, and performing at its best.

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Maintaining your home septic system with periodic inspections helps:

  1. The homeowner saves money and protect their investment in their home.
  2. Maintain good faith with neighbors.
  3. Prevent small problems from becoming BIG expensive ones.
  4. Protect and maintain a healthy watershed and environment.

How you can help:

  1. Have regular inspections (based on your system type) and maintenance checks every three years.
  2. Mark your calendar. Choose a date and time of the year that is easy to remember to have your septic system inspected.  Or contact us and we will schedule your reminders based on your septic needs.
  3. Conserve water. Too much water can cause solids to escape, plugging your septic system.
  4. Never drive a vehicle or heavy equipment over your drainfield area.
  5. Have a healthy grass cover on the absorption field area, but avoid planting shrubs and/or trees within 30 feet of your drainfield.
  6. Know what you can and can not flush or pour down the drain that can cause septic problems:
  • Pet waste
  • Medications
  • Grease
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Limit the use of garbage disposal
  • Pesticides
  • Disinfectants
  • Acids
  • Bleaches
  • Paint or Paint Thinner
  1. Keep a record of all septic pumping, inspections, and maintenance.

Quick guide Septic Do’s and Dont’s

When to Pump a Septic Tank?

The Health Department recommends that septic tanks be cleaned every 3-5 years, to remove the sludge buildup and other accumulated debris. How often your tank will require cleaning depends on the size of the tank and the amount and type of solids entering the tank.

Pumping Your Septic Tank System. Why is it important?

Having your tanks pumped is important maintenance to the system. Solids exiting the house build up in the septic tank and often in the pump tank. If the solids build up too high, they can plug the baffles in your septic tank, causing a backup in the house. Solids can also be forced into your drainfield (or sand/gravel filter, etc.) causing it to plug and fail.

When is it time to pump?

  • There is less than 3″ between the bottom of the floating solids and the bottom of the outlet baffle.
  • There is less than 12″ between the top of the settled solids and the bottom of the outlet baffle.

Septic Tank Pumping Process

  • Open access lid: To begin working on your septic tank, your technician must lift the access lid.
  • Pumping out the septic tank: We suction almost everything from your tank into our vacuum truck during septic pumping Shelton, with the help of a powerful hose.
  • Tank washed out: To remove as much debris as possible, your service provider will use water to flush out the inside of your tank after the septic tank pumping Shelton.
  • Final Inspections: Your technician will inspect your tank for roots or damage after the tank is pumped and cleaned.
  • Reburying and closing the Access Lid: Upon completion of the inspection, the access lid will be closed, and the tank will be covered again.

Signs of a Septic Tank Failure

Slow Drains
Water or other liquids will naturally drain slowly from your drains with issues in the septic tank pumping Shelton. Septic tanks are the real culprit behind clogged drains, regardless of the tools you use to unclog them.

Gurgling Sounds
If you use plumbing appliances, you should also listen to strange sounds. A plumber should be contacted immediately if you hear weird gurgling when flushing your toilet.

Flooding or pooling of water near drain fields
A failed septic tank will no longer absorb wastewater. The ground will naturally absorb wastewater. In the vicinity of the drain field, it can form a large pool of wastewater or cause dampness.

Odorous fumes
A bad smell near the drainfield and plumbing appliances also shows a failing septic system. You may have a failed septic tank if you detect strong, foul odors when you walk outside.

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If you have trouble with septic tank pumping in Shelton or have triggering signs of septic tank failure, then immediately call Dano’s Septic for a complete solution.



No, you cannot exercise septic pumping without a pump

A typical household’s septic tank will need to be pumped every three to five years, depending on the household size.  Septic tank pumping Bremerton on a regular basis can prevent costly failures such as clogged drain fields or sewage backing up into your home due to a clogged drain field.

It is only possible for a non-professional to try a septic tank pumping port orchard with training and the proper equipment, which is usually unavailable to the general public. For safe removal and treatment of toxic sewage wastes from septic tanks, it is recommended to hire a professional septic tank pumping company.

In the absence of a septic pumping port orchard, sludge will eventually accumulate and cause two serious problems. There is a danger that the sludge can clog up the drains from home and cause the sewer lines to back up. It may even cause sewage to flow into the home, clogging sinks and drains and sending horrible odors into the house. Secondly, sludge will seep into the septic field and the soil, poisoning the ground, hurting the environment, and causing horrible odors throughout your property.

There is a risk of solids building up in the tank if the tank is not pumped regularly, which will significantly reduce the tank’s holding capacity. As the solids build up in the drain field, they eventually reach the pipe that feeds into it, causing the pipe to clog up. Backing wastewater into the house is common and needs septic tank pumping, Shelton.

An effective and quick solution besides septic pumping Shelton. To cleanse the tank, mix a quarter cup of baking soda with a half cup of vinegar and flush it down the drain. One must combine baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice to use this method.

A chemical reaction occurs when baking soda and vinegar are combined. Once the lemon juice has been added, add two tablespoons of it. This breaks down grime and dirt. In addition to providing a pleasant aroma, lemon’s acidity speeds up the process.

After washing the septic tank, this solution will also clean the pipes within your system. This natural solution won’t affect the healthy bacteria in your system.