4 Ways to Prepare for Your Septic Inspection

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4 Ways to Prepare for Your Septic Inspection

The health of every family member residing in your home depends on a septic inspection, so property owners must make sure that septic systems are evaluated regularly. However, since these systems are underground, most individuals overlook them until a problem arises.


Unwanted particles and wastewater from the plumbing system of a building or facility are disposed of and treated by a septic system. In a septic tank, these materials partially decompose before being separated from the scum (effluent, grease, oil, and fat) (water). Effluent is continuously present in the tank and exits through a drain field, where microorganisms naturally filter it before entering groundwater.

Sludge and scum must be pumped out occasionally and kept away from the drain field. If you need a septic inspection in Shelton, call Dano’s Septic for a quick and easy inspection.


What is A Septic Inspection?

Although a septic check is quite simple, here is a breakdown for those unfamiliar with the field. First, the service provider will assess the condition of your septic tank’s bottom walls, roof, and baffles. It will guide us in figuring out the size and nature of the absorption area that your system has, and we can then check to see if there is any liquid present. We will also examine the floor, walls, and top of any dosing or lift tanks. We’ll also confirm that your pump and floats are in good operating order. Checking the wiring and ensuring your pump alarm is operational are both parts of inspecting the pump.

When inspecting your tanks, we will check the liquid levels and the flow from your house to the treatment tanks, as well as, if necessary, the flow to the pump tank and then the flow to the absorption area. Additionally, we’ll check the necessary connections and ensure the proper plumbing fixtures are attached to your system.

To prevent any water contamination, we take these precautions. Most of the time, we’ll also pump out your septic tank as part of your inspection. Finally, we’ll measure the distances between your tanks and wells and your well and absorption area.

You’re prepared to set up your septic inspection in Port Orchard. Our licenced septic inspector will take you through every stage of the inspection procedure. We’re pleased to deal with homeowners or to make your life easier.

How Often Should We Get Septic Inspection?

Routine maintenance and inspections are essential for the sake of your tank and the land around it. One should perform a septic tank inspection every two to five years. For septic inspection in Bremerton, get in touch with Dano’s Septic for easy services.


Ways to Prepare for Septic Inspection

Inspecting your septic system is necessary, especially if you’re buying or selling a house. It is in your best interest to confirm the septic system is in good functioning order and is pumped before the property changes hands, regardless of whether you are the buyer or the seller. You won’t need to do much about this inspection because the inspector you engage will take care of it. Please take a few actions to prepare for the septic inspection. Dano’s Septic is a trusted partner for Septic repairs Shelton


Understand the location of your Septic System’s Components

Note where your drain field and septic system access are located. If you can mark the location of any buried manhole covers, the technician will be able to dig them out. Naturally, you can also remove it yourself to speed up the technician’s arrival. If you require any septic services in Bremerton, get in touch with Dano’s Septic for quality services.


Don’t use water on the Inspection day

While monitoring the flow to the absorption region, the inspector will assess the liquid levels in your tank. It’s best to put off activities like laundry, baths, showers, and operating sprinklers until after the inspection because if you use a lot of water on the inspection day, it could affect the levels.


Know the functions of a Healthy Septic System

There may occasionally be issues that don’t always appear when you flush the toilet. Be mindful that just because you haven’t seen any issues doesn’t indicate your system is in tip-top shape.


Know what it involves

Dano’s Septic provides all the services relating to septic in the port orchard. The inspector will assess the septic tank’s overall health, including the roof, baffles, and bottom walls. The service provider will check the pump and floats to see any liquid in the absorption area and evaluate their functionality. Evaluation of the liquid levels, the circulation from the house to the treatment tanks, the flow to the pump tank, if appropriate, and the flow to the absorption area are all additional tasks included in the inspection. The inspector will ensure that the necessary plumbing fixtures are attached to the system and that it is properly hooked up. The inspector will also measure the distance between the tanks and absorption area and your well to ensure there is no chance that the septic system could contaminate your drinking water.



The septic tank must be pumped every two to four years to maintain its optimal operation. It’s a good option to get your septic system periodically inspected whether or not you’re trying to sell your house. Trust Danos Septic for septic inspection port orchard area or when you need assistance with your septic system; we have been happy to serve our clients. Our skilled staff offers quality service at reasonable prices and specialises in residential and commercial septic and sewer services. Whether you require septic repairs in Port Orchard or routine maintenance, or 24-hour emergency service, we are here for you. Call now to book an appointment.

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