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8 Tell-tale signs that it’s time to empty your septic tank


Septic tanks are common in homes, but you may not see them until a plumbing problem arises. What exactly is a septic tank, and what function does it serve?

You can manage wastewater with a septic tank. It splits between wastewater that floats to the top and more solid, sludgy material that sinks to the bottom after entering the drain tank. The liquid sewage is progressively released through perforated pipes along the leach field into the surrounding soil, where it filters and disperses before eventually turning into groundwater. You can watch out for certain telltale signs to know when your septic tank needs to be pumped. For septic tank pumping in Shelton area, get in touch with Danos Septic for quick & reliable services.


Signs that it’s time to empty your septic tank 


One should be looking for the below-mentioned signs to figure out when the septic tank needs to be emptied:


  • Routine maintenance is overdue

Even though this is a rule rather than a sign, it is nevertheless one of the most significant things to perform. Getting your septic system repaired regularly is crucial to ensure it holds up as expected. You might potentially save a lot of money and the stress of how your septic pump is doing.


  • Drainage or flushing is slow

Your septic tank may be full and start to back up if you see that your toilets, showers, washing machines, and tubs are not emptying as quickly as usual.

Even while a blockage can take longer flushing, if the septic system hasn’t been cleaned and pumped in a while, you should think about having the tank pumped before it becomes an issue.


  • Poor odour 

Since all the wastewater, toilet paper, and particles are placed in your tank, they deteriorate and emit gases over time. You might smell strong odours in the vicinity of the tank once it begins to fill up with sediments. If too much raw sewage is making it to the weeping bed, you can also notice smells coming from the drain field.


  • Water Pooling

An unassuming clue that a septic tank might be full is water pooling around the grass near the sewage tank area. If there is standing water even though it hasn’t rained, this indicates that the tank is likely full and that some wastewater may be escaping and rising to the surface.


  • Water That Gurgles 

Gurgling noises are common in drains, but frequently hearing them indicates that the septic tank is backed up and needs to be pumped to function more effectively.


  • Drain Back-Up 

You can experience raw sewage backup into your bathtubs and sinks if you disregard several warning indicators. One of the most repulsive symptoms is that your tank is full and needs to be pumped. If you do not have a routine maintenance/pumping program, you will most likely suffer a backed up.


  • Your lawn looks lush and green

Similar to pooled water, very green grass around your septic tank may be a sign of a leak or overflow. It may indicate an overflowing sewage tank that needs to be emptied if you notice that the area around your septic tanks appears greener than the rest of your yard. However, it is essential to know that occasionally, green grass may signify a deteriorating drain field.


  • High Nitrate Levels in Well Water

For households that use well water for domestic purposes, a high nitrate concentration is a harmful indication. To check the nitrate levels in your well, you must conduct tests on it regularly. If levels are greater than usual, a septic system overflowing has to be investigated since the wastewater is seeping into the groundwater.


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How emptying your septic tank can benefit you?

Septic tank emptying has the following advantages:


  • Regular emptying of the septic tank adds to the tank’s life. Removing the solids can stop them from clogging, increasing the tank life.
  • Emptying the tank on time is also good for the environment. If the chemicals from the septic tank leak, it can have a negative effect on the environment. An overflowing tank will contaminate the ground causing even more issues with the tank.
  • An overflowing septic tank can be harmful to the health of people living in the house. It can contaminate the drinking water and corrupt the whole system.
  • A well maintained and clean septic tank will work smoothly and increase the property value, which will be a huge benefit while selling the property.
  • It saves money as a well-maintained and cleaned septic tank will help you avoid any issues that may arise and cause long-term damage to your septic tank. You will be able to save a lot of money by doing so.



Beyond only avoiding unpleasant odours and clogged drains and toilets, regularly emptying your septic tank offers several benefits.

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