Surprising Facts About the Septic System

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8 Surprising Facts About the Septic System



Septic tanks treat and dispose of the wastewater for homes and workplaces that public sewers do not serve. Many homeowners do not know much about the septic system, and the fun fact is that their house runs on one. However, being uninformed about the septic tank pumping in Port Orchard can lead to a lot of trouble. 

A brief idea about the septic system is the key to ensuring it stays healthy. With more knowledge, you can maintain your septic tank in a better way. You will have a better idea to understand what you should do if something goes wrong. 

Here in this article, we will address eight surprising facts about septic tanks. 


8 Surprising  Facts About Septic System


The pumping schedule for every home is different.


Septic tanks must be pumped at least once every three to five years. You have to maintain it regularly. However, the pumping frequency will vary depending upon a few factors. It includes the tank’s size, the system’s age, and usage habits. Talk to a specialist about the scheduled pumping and the inspection. Search for the septic tank pumping in Shelton that can provide you with quality service and maintenance at regular intervals. 


You can not flush everything! 


Flushing items like feminine products, pet waste, and dental floss might seem fine, but it can lead to big problems for the septic tank pumping in Shelton. These items can interfere with the ability of the system to break down waste and necessitate expensive repairs. So keep this thing in your mind that you can not flush everything. 


Drain cleaners can be dangerous.


Pouring some Drano down a clogged pipe or drain might seem like a quick fix, but later on, you will regret taking this decision. Just like the other items mentioned above, chemical drain cleaners can make it impossible and hamper the balance of your septic tank. 


The system involves more than the toilet.


When the homeowners think of their septic system, many assume it involves the toilets and the tank outside. It is not the case, though every sink tub and pipe in the house is associated with the septic system. The garbage disposal can affect how the system operates because everything is related, and you must always be vigilant about what goes down the drain and flush down the toilet. 


Your system affects the groundwater.


Generally, many people do not realize that the septic system and groundwater are directly involved. Liquids in the septic tank pumping Bremerton eventually reach the drain field. Proper septic system upkeeps the essential to prevent contamination. 


Drain fields can flood.


Flooding the drain field is one of the biggest concerns regarding septic systems. When the drain filed floods, it quickly contaminates the property with wastewater. To avoid the drain field, practice water conservation at work and home; schedule a professional inspection every year. 


Proper maintenance of the septic tank extends its lifespan.


Like any other equipment in the home, the septic system will not last forever. So at regular intervals, you have to go for the septic tank maintenance. Though it can last up to 40 years, you may eventually need to replace the system. To extend the septic tank’s lifespan, you must stick to the routine. Additionally, make sure to call the professional for repairs as soon as you see any default with the system.


You can use the garbage disposal with a septic system.


And yes, the last but not the least surprising fact about septic systems is that you can use the septic system and garbage disposal separately. These two can co-exist, but you must take some precautions to avoid problems with the septic system. You must also take care of your septic system like any other equipment. The garbage disposal system is a fixture of immense value to the kitchen. Be aware that you can not put down the garbage disposal. For food waste, dispose of it in the trash or any compost pit.

The Septic system is complicated, but it is an essential part of a functional home. 



We tried to cover the important, surprising facts about septic tanks. Hopefully, this article will give you a great insight into the septic system. Contact Danos Septic Tank Pumping LLC today to set up a septic tank inspection. For a home visit, give us a call to fix an appointment.

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