Signs that it's time to empty your septic tank

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6 Signs that it’s time to empty your septic tank

Homeowners know that septic tanks are a crucial part of their property. However, you don’t think about it until you have a plumbing problem. A certain set of warning signs will indicate whether it is time for a septic tank pumping in the port orchard or not.


Identifying the right signs is all it takes. You don’t have to panic if you have trouble telling when your septic tank needs to be emptied! Homeowners can identify a few common signs easily.


Water pooling

The puddles of water on your lawn are one thing, but a mini lake on or around your septic tank’s drain field indicates the septic system is overflowing. A clogged drain field piping system can force liquid to the surface when your tank reaches capacity, so you should have your system pumped if this occurs.


Foul smell

There are several ways of determining whether your septic tank is full, one of which is by smelling the odor it emits. Considering that the septic tank is responsible for managing hygiene of your wastewater, it is not surprising that much of it comes from the toilet. When the drain field becomes full, you will normally notice a foul-smelling odour surrounding the drain field when the tank is getting full. An overfilled septic tank may need to be emptied.


Slow drains


Pay attention if you see slow drains throughout your house, whether in the sink, bathtub, or toilet. You should not ignore slow drains regardless of what the cause is. Your septic system may be clogged or overfilled, so you must empty it.

Septic-friendly drain cleaner might be the first step, but if the problem persists, it will be best to have the septic tank emptied. You should also schedule a septic tank pumping Bremerton as soon as you see these other warning signs. 


Sewer backup

Sewer backups are one of the most obvious signs that your tank has reached capacity. Look for sewer backups in the lowest drains within the house, for example, in a basement bathroom that has a low drain. It is advisable to call a professional right away if this happens.


Gurgling Water

Occasionally, you may hear gurgling sounds from your pipes, and you should not ignore them, especially if they are loud and consistent. There is another indication that you might need to empty your septic tank. 


Faster growing grass


Growing plants and flowers require a mix of horse manure in the soil. The backed-up waste in your septic tank can cause the grass on your lawn to grow much faster than the rest when your septic Bremerton is full and needs pumping. A great advantage of adding this ingredient to the soil is that it adds nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.


Why is it Important to Empty your Septic Tanks?


Besides preventing bad smells and clogged toilets and drains, emptying your septic tank regularly has many advantages. Emptying septic tanks has other benefits, such as:

Increase the tank’s lifespan. You can prevent clogging of the drain field and soil absorption area by emptying your septic tank regularly and removing solids from wastewater. The clogging of this area can fail your septic system and reduce its lifespan.

Keep the environment clean. Damaged or overflowing septic tanks can severely damage the environment. The chemicals used in septic tanks can seriously harm the environment if they leak. When a tank overflows, dangerous pathogens and viruses can contaminate the ground, which harms the environment. It is also possible to develop toxic cyanobacteria blooms due to abundant plant growth and overflowing tanks. Cyanobacterial mass populations can cause both animal and human poisoning.

Value of a property. A leaking septic system, blocked toilets and drains, horrible smells, and a leaking septic system are a number of unpleasant issues that no one wants to deal with when purchasing a home. A poorly maintained septic tank can reduce your property’s value after septic inspections in Bremerton.

Financial savings. The company will be able to spot any potential issues or potential damage early on, allowing them to advise you on how to prevent these problems before they occur if you have your tank cleaned and emptied regularly by them. If an unresolved issue causes your septic system to fail, you will not have to spend much money replacing it. Getting your septic tank pumped is cheaper than buying a brand new one.



Septic tanks that are full of sludge are usually an indication that there needs to be some kind of professional help. With experts to help you through every process, Danos Septic provides full-service septic system repairs, designs, installations, and maintenance. 

You may be able to get by with only septic pumping Shelton if you are lucky, and you should be fine from there. When your maintenance schedule has been neglected for a long time, there may be additional issues to deal with, such as leaks in the system and deterioration of the drain field. 


Make an appointment with us today to schedule a scheduled maintenance plan for your septic tank so that you can prevent problems from occurring before they become more severe.

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