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Why Must You Inspect Septic Tank Before Buying A House?

When buying a home, you only dream of perfection that fulfills all your needs. Talking about the septic tank, it’s the lifeline of your house, without which the house cannot function. A functional septic tank in good condition is of major importance as any fault in the septic tank can cost you a bunch of unnecessary expenditure that you did not ask for.

The wise way out is to inspect the septic tank thoroughly and decide to buy the property. Minor repairs are still acceptable, but at times the septic tank can need major replacements that can cost you a lot and may not prove to be a wise choice to buy the property.


Septic Tank Inspection Before Buying Home


Before you finalize the property, ensure that you have gotten it inspected well. With such a large functioning tank, there could be numerous problems, from minor repairs to major replacements. It’s important to figure out the cost of repairs (if required) and settle it with the selling party before closing the deal. 

A faulty septic tank will not only cost you a lot but can also threaten the health of you and your loved ones. A defective septic tank can push the untreated water back to groundwater which you may use for drinking and house chores, causing a major risk to your health and well-being.

Inspecting a septic tank has another motive: analyzing the size and material of the septic tank to see if it suits your usage needs. Septic tanks can come in different sizes and materials. If the family that was earlier living at the property was of 4 people and the new family is of six people, then it’s obvious that their water needs will be much more. Hence, they will need a bigger septic tank. So figure out if the existing septic tank matches your needs or if there is a need for replacement.

Before moving, make sure that the inspection and pumping of the septic tank are done; all the necessary repairs have been made to make your experience smooth and hassle-free. 

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Final Takeaway


Before purchasing a house, you are advised to analyze everything, and buying a house with a septic tank adds to that checklist. To avoid any problems in the future, including the hefty costs of repairs and replacements, do not miss out on thoroughly inspecting the septic tank, as it makes the house functional. Inspection is not just to avoid the costs but also to avoid any threat it may cause to your well-being. A faulty septic tank will make you consume untreated water, causing danger to your life, and that is why there is a need for inspection before you decide on the property.

Danos Septic has been an expert in septic tank maintenance services for over decades. With a team of skilled experts, we’re the finest septic inspection services in the port orchard area. We are happy to resolve any queries and inquiries you have related to a septic tank. Contact our experts for inspection today!

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