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5 Benefits of Septic Inspection

Many home maintenance projects need attention as the season changes. These include cleaning out your gutters or pressure washing your siding. But others are simple to forget. 

Septic tank inspections in Port Orchard are a task that can be put off. It is underground, so the tank is out of your sight and, ultimately, out of your mind. The elements of your house that you neglect can quickly become disorganized and cost you more long-term.

You will need to schedule a septic inspection to make sure the system is in tip-top condition.


An Understanding of Septic Inspection


It is important to inspect your septic systems at least three times a year if connected to your home or business.

The professional will inspect your septic tank and dig test holes. They will also open the tank to check for liquid levels. The inspector will inspect your home for excess standing water and check the water flow between the tank and your home. 

The inspector will provide a detailed report detailing his findings. A septic tank inspection can be very important, even if you are diligent about having your septic tank pumping on a daily basis.


Know the benefits of Septic Inspection


Prevents the formation of sewage backups


The primary purpose of a septic inspection is to determine when your tank needs to be pumped or not. A full tank can result in sewage and wastewater backing up into your yard.

Raw sewage is a source of dangerous bacteria and parasites. They can pose a danger to your health as well as the environment. A backup can be avoided by septic pumping the system as soon as it is too full.

Status Report

A septic inspection will provide homeowners and property owners with a detailed status report. It will let you know how much gunk you have in your system and how soon you need to have it pumped.

This will save you money and allow you to spend less on septic repairs and replacements. Septic companies allow you to use our vast knowledge to ensure that your system functions.

Keeps Everything Running Smoothly

Routine septic system maintenance will help you avoid unexpected situations, disrupting your daily life and putting your health at stake. You can also make sure your system is operating efficiently by performing preventative maintenance and inspecting it regularly. This eliminates the need to deal with slow drain fields due to an overfilled tank.

During the inspection, the contractor will advise you whether or not to change your habits. These seemingly insignificant changes can make an enormous difference to your septic tank performance.


Identify Repairs

Septic services will inspect all parts of your system. This is to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. To identify any potential failing components, they will do an in-depth septic inspection in Bremerton.

This will ensure that they are not causing severe damage from the holding tanks to the drainage fields. Once you have identified these components, you can use the expertise to help you address any problems that may affect the performance and efficiency of your septic tank.


Lower Maintenance Costs

A septic inspection Shelton also serves another purpose: to evaluate any damage or weaknesses. It is cheaper to prevent problems from becoming more serious, such as backups, blockages, leaks, or other issues.

You can also be alerted by the inspector if they spot a crack or leak so that you have enough time to plan for a replacement or repair of your septic tank before it fails completely.




Don’t allow your septic tank to go unnoticed. Contact a qualified professional from Danos Septic today to get your septic inspection in Port Orchard done on time. Afterward, mark your calendar to repeat the same process in three years.


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