A Guide to Unblock your Septic Tank Drainfield

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A Guide to Unblock your Septic Tank Drainfield



A drainfield or a soakaway is the buried drainage feature that seeks to manage the surface water on the site, later on, to infiltrate into the ground. You may notice the overflow of the septic tank, the toilets may stop flushing, or there can be liquid patches near the drainfield. If you have any queries on how to handle the maintenance of the Septic Tank drainfield  in Port Orchard smoothly, then this article is for you.  

Now you do not have to worry about the clogged septic tank drainfield anymore. 

Read this article to discover the causes of septic tank blockage and how you can prevent this. 


What Causes Septic Tank Drainfield Blockage?  


The common causes behind septic system failure are:

  • Poor septic tank maintenance

Many owners are misguided by the belief that they can save money while getting their septic tanks cleaned or pumped. They choose any short-term and cheaper method, like bacteria & enzyme-based cleaners for septic tank maintenance, which will not work in the long term. This is primarily one of the most common reasons behind septic tank failure. 

  • Groundwater table or soil type

Clay and clay-based soils are not good options to disperse the septic system effluent satisfactorily, as they have poor porosity. There is a high chance that the Drainfields may fail within five years because of the bad porosity of the soils. 

In the winter season, when the groundwater table is higher than the septic tank outlet level, there are chances that the Drainfield will backfill the septic tank. Through this process, the settlement chambers of the septic tank will mix up with the clarified effluent, which will affect the porosity of the soil. 

  • Septic system capacity and septic tank construction.

Drainfields are designed in such a way that they can cope with a certain volume of the daily wastewater used. If the volume of the wastewater increases, then it is a sign that you must redesign the Drainfield to match the new treatment capacity. 

A corrosive environment can deteriorate the metal parts of the septic tank, and over time it can also affect the mortar joint. It can also affect the internal parts of the septic system, such as rods, metals, fins, and bolts. This type of corrosive action can lead to the internal collapse of the septic tank, which later on can increase the level of the suspended solids in the final effluent. 

  • Drainfield depth

Your drainage field must be designed and constructed in such a way that it can make sure aerobic contact between the subsoil and the liquid effluent is maintained. 

Septic tank Drainfields should be constructed in the soil containing oxygen. It is only found in the first top layer of the soil. The ground is the medium to disperse the effluent and the part of the system to break up and digest the effluent.  

Aerobic bacteria present in the soil carry out the sewage water treatment. A different kind of anaerobic bacteria exists, producing slime that reduces the Drainfield’s length and reduces the soil’s porosity. 


Signs of Blocking in a Septic Tank Drainfield.


Many signs can tell you whether your Drainfield is blocked or not, such as:

  • Soaked ground and waterlogging.
  • Bad odor coming out of the septic tank or drains.
  • Gurgling sounds from the drains and slow flushing toilets.
  • Overflow of water in the sink, bathroom or toilet, etc. 

Keep your eye on the septic tank before it is too late. Otherwise, you may spend some extra bucks on the repair. 


How do you unblock a clogged Drainfield?


  • Jet Rodding

In this, a powerful pressure is applied to force the blockage away. Jetting is a modern way to clean the major blockage within no time than using ancient tools like rods or snakes. 

Unlike the older methods, such as electric eel, the powerful force will not damage the drainage. The pressure that comes out of the jet rodding clears the blockage efficiently. 

  • Drainfield worms

Drainfield worms are safe, clean, and natural ways to unblock the Drainfield. These come in a large bucket. You have to pour it into the septic tank. It is one of the best methods to unblock the Drainfield. These worms prevent blockages, and by applying this method, you can save up to $100 in your repair costs. These are easy-to-install and one-off treatments for your sewage. 

  • Get the septic tank emptied.

At times, overflow of the septic tank can cause the wrong kinds of stuff such as cotton swabs, cigarette butts, dental floss, tampons, and pads can go into the Drainfield system, that in turn can cause the blockage of the septic tank. Make sure that the septic tank gets emptied regularly so that you can prevent sewage blockage. 

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The Septic tank Drainfield has a major role in the entire septic system of the property. So you need to take care of it, and regular maintenance is necessary. Danos Septic is here to help you with septic tank pumping in Shelton. You can contact us directly or fix an appointment with our professionals for a home visit. 

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