Tips for Choosing the Right Septic Tank

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Tips for Choosing the Right Septic Tank



The Septic tank system comes in various designs and patterns. Choosing the one that fits all your needs requires some knowledge about the types of septic tanks, materials, advantages, lifespan, the best location for the installation, and much more complicated things. Go through the article to learn more about the septic tanks in Bremerton and discover the best option for your new home.


What is the best size for a septic tank?


You get multiple options when it comes to choosing a septic tank in Port Orchard. The right tank size can be determined by the amount of water your family uses daily. If the water usage in the family is minimal, which means less than 500 gallons, a septic tank with a capacity of 900 gallons is needed to ensure that the sewage is properly processed. In families, if the water is between 500 gallons to 700 gallons, one must consider purchasing a tank with at least 1200 gallons of capacity. In many areas, city bylaws regulate the septic tank size required for each residence. To be on the safer side when getting a septic tank installed, contact the professionals at Dano’s Septic. 


What kind of septic tank lasts the longest?


The average lifespan of the septic system is from 15 to 40 years. One of the major factors in estimating the septic system’s lifespan is finding the material used to construct the septic system. Concrete septic tanks have the longest lifespan out of all the septic tank material options. It can last up to 40 years. So you must be a little picky when choosing the septic tank. 


How to Choose the Best Location for a Septic Tank?


Before looking for the right spot for the installation of the septic system in Shelton, there are a few conditions that are required by septic components to function optimally. Here are some tips you can consider while choosing the best location for the tank:

  • Distance from the house

To get an idea about how far the septic tank must be installed from the house, consult the local codes and regulations since requirements will vary from one area to another. However, the septic tank is typically installed 10 feet from the house. You must keep it in mind if you use a private well for drinking water; many state health departments require a minimum of 50 feet between the septic tank and the well. 

  • Landscaping

Your yard’s landscaping is also an important vital consideration when you want to install the septic tank. You should not place the tank near the house, trees, or other significant obstructions. For instance, the tree roots may grow deep into the septic tank and damage the pipes or the entire system. 

  • Consider the terrain

Usually, septic tanks are placed on level ground. If possible, the septic tank must be installed on high ground to avoid flooding and seeping. You must look around and avoid steep slopes or areas of dense roots, which hold the probability of damaging your entire septic system. 


Important Tips for Choosing the Right Septic Tank


Septic system is used as an alternative to the sewer system. These large septic tanks can help you filter liquid and solid waste. Generally, septic tanks are placed underground in the yard adjacent to the home. If you are considering installing a new septic system or want to replace the existing one, there are ways you can determine which septic tank will be the best suited for all your needs. Here are some of the important tips you must consider while choosing the septic tank:

  • Design

If you are considering installing the septic tank in Port Orchard, a pressure-type septic system would be the best option. A gravity system will be an ideal option for areas with rich soil or dirt. It allows streams of untreated sewage to seep into the ground. 

The primary types of septic tank systems include-

  • Decentralized wastewater septic systems
  • Open-bottom chambers and fabric-wrapped pipe systems
  • The intermittent sand filter system
  • Recirculating sand filter systems
  • Mound septic designs
  • Evaporation septic designs.

Even though the septic tank system has the same working principle, each design is different. You can decide on the septic system’s design according to the area you choose for its installation. 

  • Pump

Irrespective of the size of the septic system, these are designed with one or two types of systems. Because of its longevity and reliability, a turbine pump is considered to be the superior one. Centrifugal and turbine pumps are available in various sizes, making it easy to select the best one for your septic tank.


Final Thoughts

A septic tank can help you remove and treat the wastewater in your home. However, you must know about the septic tank size, material, and design before getting one for your new home. Dano’s Septic offers septic tank maintenance, installation, and pumping services for all industrial, commercial, and residential properties. We provide septic tank pumping in Port Orchard, Bremerton, Shelton, and nearby areas.  Contact us today for a speedy septic tank solution!

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